Henry Im so sorry to hear of your Passing! Sending love and prayers to your family! As I set here and remember all the memories our families shared it brought such a smile to my face. The late night stories on the front porch after You and dad had a long day fishing! The trips that you took me and your kids over to Mosses farm and showed me a totally different way of living. I was facinated by the Amish. The awesome cooking Marilyn and mom shared in the Kitchen.( Best cooking I have ever had)The aroma of her baked goods was worth the long trip from Franklin every time. The trips to church and watching You and dad and Darrell and Paul Conn, Bro Lovejoy and Brother Porter shouting around the whole church house will always remain alive in my memories. And even the laughs and good sense of humor we all shared touches my heart! I pray that my Daddy and Mom welcomed you through heavens gate and you were able to shout all the way in like you did when we were younger. Love you and all your family. Sending hugs and prayers to them today!