Too My Dearest Grandfather. It has been 3yrs since you been gone and you have risen to a higher beautiful place that you are not hurting anymore! I miss you so much its unreal, People have been telling me to move on but I can’t! You was my Best friend/Ali and a person to talk to when I was at my lowest and when I just needed someone to talk too. You was the most understanding person other than mom be understand and be there for me!! Your Grand babies Lilliana & Ranesamay are growing up so fast and when I hold up your picture I don’t even have to tell Lilliana that its “papaw” because she already knows!!! And there might be another Grandbaby on the way by me and you Grandson that married me. Now I am a Married woman now papaw and I married the man you said that I was going to marry because we was right each other! and I did. its one of those nights that I need you and your not here only in spirit not in person!!! now we have two daughters and might have another on the way….. I love you papaw forever and always and you are never forgotten!!!! Goodnight Grandpa sweet dreams.