So sorry for the loss of Georgia, GOD bless her heart. I remember growing up in Church with Georgia and Elizabeth. I remember hearing them at the every Church service I could really remember. Elizabeth and Georgie if saw one the other was very close. I’m sorry for both losses, because that’s how I remembered them all those years at the Church. Than later I remember Lisa Lucas going to sing at different Church events, and Georgie driving her to most. Although Georgie was no match for Lisa. Especially when she would talk, begging and pleading to just let her hang out a little longer. Lisa usually accomplished her way to get Georgie to cruise town a bit. They would come to the Public Swimming Pool we leased that year.They may only stay 10 minutes or so. No one was doing anything nefarious, or bad. It was just more likely if they came there after hours, she was more likely not to get busted. I pray for you and all of your family. I remember David, I almost used his nickname back in those days, that give away how old we all our. I remember you Ted taking a prom pic of myself & Greg. I think but am not sure that it was a bigger pic of myself and you put it in they year book my Jr. year. You were the best teacher I had that year. I truly am so very sorry for that smile you won’t see in-person again until all of our home time together in Heaven at the feet of our MIGHTY LORD EL ROI (the God WHO Sees.) May our LORD JESUS CHRIST help you all through this with HIS Shalom, Peace over each of you. She was so, thoughtful and kind warm. I can’t say as think back on all the years of knowing her growing up that I ever saw her, without that light up a room big welcoming smile. May we see Georgia & those names I mentioned again for eternity. May the LORD JESUS CHRIST give you all that unsurpassable Shalom Peace of His FATHER in Heaven. Take care Ted.