Tony, you and your brother are so special to us. After your dad passed away I know it was so hard on you and your brother. For a mother to lose a husband and six weeks later lose a child or as your dad called you, number one and your brother, number two, it’s unbearable. It’s very hard on the family left behind. I have cherished my family values of love, respect, hard work and sacrifice and always put my family first. Raising a family is not a walk in the park. I love you more than you will ever know and if you don’t remember anything else, son, remember that you a precious angel but my love couldn’t save you. The earth was given an incredible gift when you were born. Heaven received a wonderful angel when you died. Tony, have a wonderful birthday in paradise. The only gifts today will be the sweet memories left behind of love, laughter, joy and happiness that echo on in our hearts and our minds. So much love, Mom and Jay.